Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day right around the corner (June 21), it’s time to start thinking about what to buy the special guy in your life. Whether it’s for your dad, your husband, or your son, there’s a perfect gift out there for everyone. From something handmade to custom ordered, these thoughtful gifts will show him how much he’s appreciated.


For the dad who claims he has everything, how do you decide what to get him? First, think about what the father figure in your life enjoys. Do they like to travel? Spend time at home? Really think about what your guys’ interests include. Once you’ve decided, think about your budget- if there are family member’s that want to band together, you can look towards something more extravagant.


Whether it be something personalized and unique, to something you know he’ll actually get some use of, there really is a gift idea out there for everyone.


If you decide to go the handmade route, you can get something customized from websites like Etsy, different artisans offer different handmade products you can tailor to your liking - the options on this website are virtually endless. If you are crafty yourself, there are so many wonderful projects you can undertake to show the dad in your life how much he is loved. One great idea circulating on the internet is a personalized ‘grilling plate’ for dad. To make this you need an oven safe platter or plate, porcelain safe paints, and brushes. Let the kids paint their own designs or put their handprints on the plate. When everyone’s done painting, to have the paint stay permanent, bake the plate at 350 degrees for 30 minutes- at that’s it! A simple project to celebrate the father figure in your life that he’ll treasure for years to come.


Depending on his interests, there are many things you can purchase as a nice addition to his hobby. Sports fanatic? Consider getting him a jersey of his favorite athlete. If they’re into fishing, or want to try fishing, there’s a lot of great accessories on the market. From fishing rods, bait, tackle boxes, to wading boots there’s so many to choose from! If you are unsure of what product would be best, what about a nice pair of sunglasses he can wear while enjoying the outdoors and catching fish. If funds are tight this year, what about drawing up a voucher good for one fishing trip with dad? It’s not about ‘things’ sometimes, but more about quality time spent with your loved ones.


If you are unable to get together with the dad in your life, either due to the current pandemic, or due to distance, you can still get together virtually with him and express your gratitude. Getting the family together ‘virtually’ to wish someone a Happy Father’s Day on platforms like Zoom or FaceTime, is relatively easy, and seeing everyone’s smiling faces is one of the best gifts a father can ask for. If you’d like to get a bit more creative with your virtual get together, there are other options too. If there’s a special show or movie you and the dad in your life like to watch together, what about watching one together virtually? Whether over Zoom or using some of the many browser extensions that work with Netflix to watch together, it would provide a great bonding experience.


Another great ‘social distanced’ gift, is to order takeout from Dad’s favorite place and have it delivered. While it’s no substitution for a family cookout, it still provides a nice surprise! A great heartwarming experience to share is to look through old photographs and videos together- taking a trip down memory lane. Have people send you photos via email, text, or websites like Google photos. When you connect virtually, spend time looking back over the pictures and reminiscing with the important people in your life.


Remember, although these are some suggestions, if you put love and thought into the gift you purchase or make, you really can do no wrong. You know the fathers in your life better than anyone and know what kind of present they’d like to receive. If all you can do this year is craft a handmade card, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, nothing is better than something that comes from a place of love.

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