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Solimine Funeral Homes began in 1965 when David J. Solimine opened two funeral home locations; one at 444 Broadway and the other at 567 Boston Street. Since then, Solimine Funeral Homes has grown and expanded. We have acquired funeral homes, moved locations, expanded locations, welcomed new staff and expanded our offerings; all while providing the very best in meaningful and thoughtful funeral services.

1965 - Solimine Funeral began when David J. Solimine opened funeral homes at 444 Broadway and 567 Boston Street in Lynn.

1973 - After considerable renovations to the building at 444 Broadway, the Boston Street location closed.

1978 - David J. Solimine, Jr. joined his father as a funeral director.

1982 - Solimine Funeral Homes moved to a newly constructed main location at 426 Broadway in Lynn.

1984 - The Solimine Family purchased the TW Rhodes Funeral Home located at 67 Ocean Street in Lynn.

1996 - The Solimine Family purchased Landergan Funeral Home.

2003 - The Solimine Family purchased the Richardson Funeral Home located at 48 Lafayette Park and owned by Harry Richardson. Harry’s three sons, Harry, Walter and Earl. Earl's son, David Richardson, came into the family business in 1964. Following renovations and additions to the 67 Ocean Street location, the Lafayette Park location was closed in late 2003.

2009 - Joel C. Solimine joined his father and grandfather in the family business and continues the tradition of compassionate and attentive care and services.

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Broadway Location
426 Broadway (Rt. 129),
Lynn, MA 01904
Phone: (781) 595-1492
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Ocean Street Location
67 Ocean Street (Rt. 1A),
Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: (781) 595-1492
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