What do Funeral Directors do for Families?

When a loved one passes away, it can be overwhelming with all of the tasks that need to be accomplished, from paperwork to be filed, family to be notified, arrangements to be made, and more. Before you get stressed from all that needs to be done, one of your first tasks should be to call a funeral director. But what does a funeral director do exactly? And how are they able to help you and your family? Here are some of the primary things a funeral director can assist your family with.


Assistance before the Service

When someone dies, after a funeral home is called, the funeral director will assist in arranging transportation to bring the body to the funeral home. If your loved one passed at a hospital or at home, they will be able to help. Even if they passed in a different state or country, the director will take the lead in arranging transportation. The director will take care of arranging the embalming, cleaning, dressing and hair and makeup of the body. Once these are taken care of, the preparations for the funeral service can begin.


Thinking about all the paperwork that needs to be taken care of can be stressful. Luckily, funeral directors are able to help with administrative matters, such as filing the death certificate and receiving copies of it, to help claim death benefits. They are also able to help you in the writing of the obituary; and subsequent publishing of such.


An appointment can be made to discuss the plans for the funeral. Rest assured, every element of the funeral service can be planned and arranged by the funeral director. You’ll be able to decide what disposition will be used (such as burial or cremation), and you’ll also be able to choose what kind of casket or urn you’d like your loved one buried in. They will help with all aspects of the burial and funeral through contacting and communicating with local specialists. Services will generally take place at the funeral home, but if you’d like it elsewhere the director can help arrange that too.


Getting into the specifics of arranging the service, knowledgeable funeral directors are able to coordinate all facets of what you need. From providing guest books and prayer cards, to making arrangements with cemeteries for burial, they really encompass everything you need to ensure your loved one’s funeral reflects the dignity of a life well-lived. They are able to organize floral arrangements with local florists, as well as what to do with the arrangements after the service. The amount of support and organization the funeral director and home provide is really immeasurable, as the number of things they can help you with in creating the perfect service is limitless.


Assistance during and after the Service

During the funeral service, the funeral director will ensure that the body arrives on time and in appropriate condition to the funeral home, in the casket that the family had chosen. From there they will supervise those who have been selected as pallbearers. In addition to coordinating most, if not all aspects of the service, the funeral director will also usually be the one that officiates the funeral service or introduce the family to the officiant ahead of time, so that they feel comfortable with them.


As the head of the funeral home, the director will often be the one who supervises all aspects of the funeral while it is underway. If they are unavailable, representatives for the funeral home will certainly be there. They are there to help people to their seats, distribute the order of service, help with the placement of service, and many, many more aspects to ensure the funeral runs smoothly.


An important element of assisting a family through the aftermath of a loved one’s passing is the ongoing communication a director provides. This conversation can continue long after your loved one is buried, as the funeral director can remain a point of contact for grief and death related issues. They are your confidant and counselor in manners of loss. If your grief seems overwhelming, and you are having a hard time coping with your emotions, they can help refer you to a professional grief counselor as well.


We’re Here to Help.

Here at Solimine Funeral Homes, our caring funeral directors are here to guide you every step of the way after you experience a loss. We provide support for when you need it the most through your journey through grief. For more information, our well-informed staff is standing by and can be reached at 781-595-1492.

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