Tips for Creating a Personalized Memorial Service

Memorial services, life celebrations and funeral services all serve the same purpose. They give us a chance to say goodbye to our loved ones, as well as providing an opportunity for friends and family to acknowledge and support each other in grief. Essentially, the main reason these rituals have persevered through time is to honor the life of the person who died and to support those who were left behind.


To assist you in your planning process we’ve gathered a variety of memorial service ideas for either cremation or burial which will hopefully be helpful as you plan the perfect life celebration, funeral or memorial service.


Create a memory table. When we attend funerals, we think of the usual photo displays of the deceased for people to look at and reminisce about the life of their loved one. A memory table has become a staple of any personalized service. Multiple tables can be set up to reflect different aspects or stages of the deceased’s life. Family and friends can really use their imagination and creativity in finding items to display - from clothing, certificates, memorabilia, awards, and more - the possibilities are really endless, as each life is a unique story.


Reflect upon their life with meaningful words. There are so many ways to honor the life of your loved one with words. You can think of a meaningful quote that means something to the family and display it on a pretty board. When thinking of the eulogy, you can consider having multiple people share their thoughts and memories. There has been a growing trend of having an ‘open-mic’ for people to come up and share memories of their loved one. In the same vein as an ‘open-mic’ you can also have people write down their favorite recollections and stories, and then choose a designated person to read them out loud. Going even further with this idea, if your loved one was a bookworm, you may be left with an extensive library you are unable to find a home for. What better way to share their love of books than by handing them out at the funeral as an appropriate memento.


Donation or scholarship fund. Contributing to a charitable organization or fund that was important to the deceased is a wonderful way for their spirit to live on and to celebrate their life by impacting the lives of others.


Get interactive. Some ideas for doing so include a memorial stone station where guests can write their name and a personal memory - then these rocks can be kept by the family to store in their house, garden, or scattered somewhere meaningful. Another idea to include the participation of others is to compile a memory capsule. You can ask friends and loved ones to each contribute one item; such as memories, notes, cards, photos, etc. and place these in an airtight container. You can then bury this container with your loved one or place it in an area of significance.


We are happy to help you in creating a personalized tribute of a life well-lived, that will help bring closure and healing to friends and family. Our knowledgeable staff at Solimine Funeral Homes are here to assist you in planning a personalized memorial service that celebrates the life and ideals of your loved one. Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are readily available at (781) 595-1492. You can also visit our website to learn more about what we offer.

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