8 Unique Cremation Urn Ideas


When it comes to funeral services, there are so many ways to personalize and make it your own, all while honoring your loved one with a beautiful ceremony and all of it’s accoutrements. Every facet can be tailored to personal preference, including urns. In deciding what urn to display cremated remains in, there are many different shapes and styles to choose from. It may be overwhelming! The good news is, you have as much time as you need as you choose what perfect urn to store the ashes in a final resting place. Here 8 unique ideas to consider as you weigh your options.


Honoring Servicemen/Servicewomen

Choosing an urn to represent it’s unique owner is possible with custom unique designs to reflect the life well lived. In the instance of fallen soldiers, or veterans proud of their service, the urns can be understated, but at the same time very powerful, often featuring the American Flag in it’s design. One can go basic, with camouflage, or eagles, or even a simple box/container with dog tags tastefully incorporated. Getting more creative, the container could be shaped like a war plane, or military boots.


Be Green

If you or your loved one tried their very best on earth to be kind to mother nature, and held environmental sustainability in high regard, there are custom urns that would fit their lifestyle. Biodegradable urns can be ordered on many different online platforms, such as The Living Urn. These urns can be planted alongside tree seeds to grow along with a tree, or buried in a place of importance. They can even be placed in the sea to biodegrade there.


Missing the Traditional Gravestone? Look No Further. 

If you miss the traditional burial and gravestone marker, but still want to be cremated and put into a container, you may want to consider a granite urn. These can be customized to be the same shape as a gravestone, and even be engraved similarly as well.


Let the Music Play

Was a loved one a musician? Honor that lifestyle by choosing a custom urn in the shape of an instrument. From guitars, bongos, to trumpets, there are many to choose from. You can even order a guitar pick shaped container! Was your loved one a talented singer? Order an urn in the shape of a microphone, or take it one step further by storing their cremains in a music box that places a familiar melody important to them.


Avid Fisherman? There’s an Urn for That Too!

As you can start to see, urns are pretty much customizable for any interest, hobby, or profession. And that includes fishing too! With an abundance of online retailers and craft sites (such as Etsy) you really can find something for everyone! Among the creative designs, there is even a mountable fish container that can display their cremains. Wall-mounting this special tribute will bring a smile to your face every time you see it!


Spread the Love

It may be among your loved one’s wishes that cremains be divided among loved ones. These still can be placed in a beautiful urn to treasure. These small keepsake urns, ensure that every family member who wants one is able to remember their loved one. Smaller amounts of ashes can even be placed into different jewelry designs, which would allow you to keep your family member close to your heart. 


Together Forever

Just like people can be interred together in a cemetery, sweethearts and family members’ cremains can be stored in companion urns. Typically wooden, they may be large enough to have the ashes divided, or you can get a smaller one to combine them. You can also have their names and a meaningful quote inscribed, as well as the choice of adding a favorite picture.


Shine Bright

Lighting a candle in memory of a loved one is a tradition that started hundreds of years ago. Why not incorporate one’s ashes into a candle keepsake that can be lit anytime you’d like to remember them and give good thoughts to. Typically, the base of a candle urn will resemble a typical urn design, while allowing space for a tea light candle on top. 


Feeling Inspired? Have Questions? 

Here at Solimine Funeral Homes, we have vast professional experience with helping families choose an urn that suits their loved one, as well as providing compassionate, understanding assistance in planning a funeral. If you have some ideas and would like to get started pre-planning a funeral, or would like questions answered regarding a loved one, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can call us at (781) 595-1492. We can also be reached through email at info@solimine.com

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