5 Ways to Personalize a Loved One’s Funeral

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When it comes to planning a loved one’s funeral, you can tailor it to be just as special and unique as they were, and create a service that really reflects the legacy they left behind. Just like everybody has their own special and distinctive personalities, funerals too can be customized to mirror the person they are honoring. When it comes to personalizing a funeral; the options are endless - read on to learn just a few of the ways that you can memorialize a service to make it positively unique to your beloved family member or friend. 


1. Pictures

One of the easiest and most common ways to personalize a funeral is to display pictures of your loved one, family members, special memories and other important snapshots. With photographs there are many different ways to display them. You could leave framed pictures on the guestbook table. Some people enjoy making a collage of precious photos. 


You can encourage attendees to bring their own favorite photo of your loved one that can be proudly displayed at a premade space. If they’d like, they could also write a cherished memory on the back. 


Other creative ways to display pictures include a photo wreath, tying pictures to elegant balloons, or including them in the funeral programs. 


2. Mementos 

You can truly add a personalized touch to the service with mementos important to the deceased. Whether it be displaying such objects, or distributing them to guests, this can really be a special choice. 


A display table is a wonderful way to showcase important items. Depending on your loved one’s interests or hobbies, you can get really creative. If they loved sports, consider setting up memorabilia of their favorite sports team. Did they love cooking? You can hang up a trusty apron, and display some favorite recipes. Were they a jet setter? Display pictures from their favorite trips, and some special souvenirs collected on their way. 


If they were an avid bookworm, you could distribute distinguished books from their collections, or perhaps pass out special bookmarks. If they were a gardener, display some of their favorite blooms and encourage guests to take some home. You could also pass out seed packets of these blooms, or beautiful succulents. 


Other keepsakes that can be distributed to guests could be candles in their favorite color or scent, framed photographs or even memorial golf balls, emblazoned with their name. 


3. Music and Readings

Choosing music and readings that were important to the one you are celebrating is a heartfelt way to honor their memory. Choose excerpts from their favorite books to be read by people who were important to them. Play their favorite song or read their favorite poem out loud.


If they were a writer or musician themselves, see if you can acquire their recordings to be played, or have a family member read or perform their works. Listening to these songs, these words, will hopefully encourage attendees to think of happier times, joyous memories they shared. 


You could even go one step further, and have some of these special words written on memorial cards for the guests to keep with them and always have a reminder.


4. Grow a Memory Tree, or plant a real one! 

To add some interaction to the service, encourage guests to write their favorite memories on ‘leaves’ or designated pieces of paper, that can then be added to an elegant tree, that in turn, the family can take home with them. 


If the deceased loved nature, consider planting a tree in their memory, It can be planted in your yard, or even in an arboretum with a plaque declaring their name. It is a wonderful way to think about them, as you watch it grow. 


5. Videos

To expand memories to more than just photos, consider playing a slideshow set to music that everyone can enjoy. You can also play video clips of memories- consider adding important footage of milestones if you can- weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc. It would be a wonderful way to relive treasured moments. 


Creating DVDs to distribute to guests, or sharing the video on YouTube, is another great way to keep their memory alive. Whether it be the same video shown at their funeral, or other special times, it is sure to be a memento that is cherished for years to come. 


How We can Help


At Solimine, we take pride in creating customized services that reflect a life well-lived. This is just the beginning of all of the personalization options we provide to honor your loved one in a way that is unique as they were. For more information on how we can help customize a funeral, or if you feel inspired to begin pre-planning your own, please reach out to us to begin this important discussion.

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